Wanderlust… What exactly does that mean? Or better yet, what is the definition defined by someone inflicted with this condition?

My name is Chris, and I am a Wanderlustaholic. I’ve always had this need to see what I haven’t seen, to experience life and adventures in different ways… different for me and different from most. A few years ago I rode my bicycle from Anchorage, Alaska to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (www.AKtoCabo.com). A divorce, and my daughter who grew up and moved away, inspired me to get a life. Or maybe it was just an excuse to scratch that wanderlust itch, to roam around new places, meet wonderful creative people, take pictures, explore art galleries, and learn the difference between tourists and travelers. All the while, I embraced the opportunity to have each and every day become a new adventure.

I’ve been back in Suburbia for over two years now. I’ve been good. I learned that Unicorns don’t exist. I rebuilt my touring bicycle. It’s sitting, ready to hit the road. I’ve been on a few short trips to temporarily satisfy my wanderlust condition. I’ve dealt with physical ailments. I’ve seen illness afflict friends. I’ve seen death knock on the door of good people. I’ve helped others buy and sell their homes. And I’m just about to launch a new product that is being manufactured right now. The website is in the works and I’m excited to see how this idea-that-became-reality will change my life.

But for now, I have a window of time to sneak away; to see little towns between here and there; to see my son in Texas, my daughter in Salt Lake City, visit friends in different states, ride through the motorcycle and sport car destination “Tail of the Dragon” in North Carolina, outrun an alligator in Florida, see a sunset or two from Mallory Square in Key West, lick the bottom of a Jambalaya bowl in New Orleans, hear live music up and down Beale Street in Memphis, see Native American Indian cliff dwellings in Mesa Verde National Park, catch a fat trout from a river in Montana, look for a few acres in Idaho, camp in the middle of nowhere under the star-filled sky and see everything in between as I feel the heat, the cold and wind… while reminding myself that we only have so much time… and I don’t want to spend most of it watching Netflix.

Be sure and click on this link which will take you to the About page and tell you a little more about my previous two wheel adventures.

Please join me on my next adventure and click on the button below as I ride my Kawasaki Concours 1400 around the country. My goal is to hit the road at the end of May 2021 and share what I experience along the way. I’ll be damned if some Mexican Beer virus is going to overcome my Wanderlust condition…

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