About… I guess this is about me. Sort of like a dating site profile! lol

First off, I’m untrainable. A few fair maidens have tried, but to their dismay, they were unsuccessful. 🤷‍♂️ But on the upside, I’m creative and adventurous… which explains my quests to create new adventures when the thrill of the last one wears off. 😎 My adventures have also become a responsibility. My brother and a couple of friends tell me that they live vicariously through me. Therefor… I do this for them. 🤣

I’ve been riding motorcycles forever. You’d think I would have learned when I was hit by a truck at Bass Lake when I was 15 or when I wrecked a motorcycle at 17 trying to avoid interaction with some car that was following me and had flashing lights on top of it. 🤷‍♂️ But no, the thrill of two wheels has always rocked my world. 😁

Exploring distant roads began for me in 2004. I met a couple of guys that became friends for life and our first road trip was to the Grand Canyon. Matt rode a Yamaha RI (still has it), Marty rode a Honda Blackbird 1100 (sorta still has it) and I rode a Kawasaki ZX-1100 (5 bikes ago).

Marty and Me with the porn mustache

We rode our trusty steeds somewhere new each year for five years, until family responsibilities took priority. They were wonderful trips, full of twisty roads and memories that we still laugh about.

A couple of years after our last trip, I found a killer deal on a motorcycle in Alabama. I bought a one-way ticket, packed my helmet, leather jacket, boots, jeans, thermals and thick gloves to temper the 34 degree February mornings. The Mean Streak cruiser ran good, but it sure was slow compared to my Supersport bike.

My next long ride was a couple of years later when my road warrior daughter became proficient as a rider. We rode to Yosemite and back, enjoying every part of the adventure.

That brings us to the present, when it’s time for me to hit the road again, to listen to Bob Segar singing…

Took a look down a westbound road
Right away I made my choice
Headed out to my big two-wheeler
I was tired of my own voice
Took a bead on the northern plains
And just rolled that power on…

Stood alone on a mountain top
Starin’ out at the Great Divide
I could go east, I could go west
It was all up to me to decide
Just then I saw a young hawk flyin’
And my soul began to rise
And pretty soon
My heart was singin’…

Please click on this link and join me on this next adventure!

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